Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

A proposal was submitted by M/s. Tripura Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. to set up a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) at PaschimJalefa, Sabroom, South Tripura District, in the State of Tripura the Central Government after satisfaction of the requirements and other related requirements are fulfilled has granted letter of approval for development, operation and maintenance of the above sector specific Special Economic Zone on 9th December, 2019.

  • The Central Government has accordingly notified the 16.35 hectares area to set up a Sector Specific Special Economic Zone for Agro Based Food Processing at Paschim Jalefa, Sabroom, South Tripura District vide notification dated 16th December, 2019.
  • The Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India vide notification dated 17th December, 2019 has notified all existing notified Special Economic Zone to be deemed to be a multi-sector Special Economic Zone.
  • Thus, the Special Economic Zone notified to be set up at PaschimJalefa, Sabroom, South Tripura District Tripura would be a multi-sector Special Economic Zone for more than one sector where Units may be setup for manufacture of goods falling in two or more sectors or rendering of services falling in two or more sectors or any combination thereof including trading and warehousing.
  • Thus, setting up of the SEZ at Sabroom would open new avenues and attract private sector investment across various sectors considering proximity of the Chittagong Port which is located relatively closer to the State and construction of the bridge across Feni River in South Tripura which is underway.
  • Also, setting up of the SEZ would pave the way for achieving the following objectives :
  1. Generation of additional economic activity
  2. Promotion of exports of goods and services
  3. Promotion of investment from domestic and foreign sources
  4. Creation of employment opportunities
  5. Development of infrastructure facilities
  • As a preliminary projection the following would be the SEZ project details:
  1. Estimated Project cost: Rs. 60.57 crores approx.
  2. Estimated Investments: Rs. 635.5 crores,
  3. Estimated Employment: 4920
  • The Industries proposed to be setup are:
  1. Rubber based Industries - Tyres, Threads etc.
  2. Textile and Apparel Industries
  3. Bamboo Industries
  4. Agri-Food Processing Industries