How to Apply


Application for Partnership Firm Registration:

  • The law relating to a partnership firm is contained in the Indian Partnership Act, 1932.
  • The Proponent shall submit Application on-line through the SWAAGAT portal. (
  • The applications must be filled as per instructions and submitted with the required documents.
  • When the application is filled up and submitted, a message/ e-mail will be sent to scrutiny officer.

Processing of the Application:

  • If the application is found to be in order and all the attached documents is meeting requirements, then the registration will be done within 7 days.
  • If any query raised by Scrutiny officer, the 7 days timer will stop until the query is cleared.
  • After scrutiny, the application will send to approval authority.
  • Once approved the certificate will also be issued and a message/e-mail will be send to the applicant and the applicant can download it through the SWAAGAT portal.

Required Documents

  • Registered Partnership Deed.
  • Up-to-date License/Approvals/Permits (as applicable).
  • Aadhar, PAN Card, Voter ID of all the partners.
  • Passport Size photographs of all partners.
  • Relevant document (khatian/parcha)/ Registered land lease deed to establish address of the principal place of business or any other place(s) where farm carries on Business.


Within 7 days from receipt of original byelaws, rules and other papers which are submitted through online and also listed in the checklist.

Fee Structure

Fee of Rs.3/- (Rupees three) for Registration and fee of Rs.2/- (Rupees two) for inspection, total Rs.5/- (Rupees five) has to be paid through online portal.