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Existing 18 ITIs:

Presently, there are 18 ITIs in the State. These ITIs has been set up as follows:

  • Prior to 2004, there were only 4 Govt. ITIs (Indranagar, Indranagar Women’s ITI, Kailashahar and Jatanbari) in the State, with intake capacity of 444.
  • In August, 2004, 4 new Govt. ITIs (Dharmanagar, Ambassa, Udaipur and Belonia) were started and the 4 old ITIs were upgraded with assistance from Government of India under a CSS called “Establishment of Industrial Training Institutions (ITI) in North Eastern States and Sikkim”. With this, the intake capacity increased to 1164.
  • In December, 2012, 4 new ITIs (Khumulwng, Manubankul, Boxanagar and Khowai) were started. Khumulwng and Manubankul ITIs have been set up under NLFT Package and Khowai and Boxnagar ITIs have been set up under SPA. The intake capacity of these 4 new ITIs is 580.
  • In 2017, another 4 new ITIs (Bishramganj, Kamalpur, Teliamura and L.T Valley) has been inaugurated, increasing the total number of Govt. ITIs to 16. These ITIs were set-up under SPA and the total intake capacity is 1280.
  • In 2019, 2 (two) new ITIs under ESDI have been inaugurated and started functioning accordingly.
  • In addition, Vocational Training Center of R.K Mission, Viveknagar, Agartala has been up-graded as an ITI with financial assistance from State Government with 3 trades and intake capacity of 120 trainees. Besides, another private ITI, with intake capacity of 80 trainees has been set-up in 2017 at Industrial Growth Centre, Bodhjungnagar.

The current status of training courses in the 16 Govt. ITIs is as follows:

S. No. Name of ITI Total Capacity
No. of Trades No. of Trainees
1. ITI, Indranagar 13 250
2. WITI, Indranagar 07 140
3. ITI, Udaipur 07 135
4. ITI, Jatanbari 09 180
5. ITI, Dharmanagar 07 135
6. ITI, Kailasahar 12 260
7. ITI, Ambassa 07 195
8. ITI, Belonia 07 135
9. ITI, Khumlwng 04 160
10. ITI, Boxanagar 04 160
11. ITI, Manubankul 04 160
12. ITI, Khowai 04 160
13. ITI, Bishramgan 08 320
14. ITI, Teliamura 08 320
15. ITI, L.T Valley 08 320
16. ITI, Kamalpur 08 320
17. ITI, Gandacherra 05 200
18. ITI, Kanchanpur 05 200
19. ITI, Santirbazar 05 97
Total 132 3847

The current status of commencement of training courses in the 2 Private ITIs is as follows:

S. No. Name of ITI Total Capacity
No. of Trades No. of Trainees
1. ITI, RKM, Viveknagar 3 120
2. Swadhin Tripura Pvt. ITI 2 80
Total 5 200

CoE trades running at six ITIs have been converted to new CTS trades and affiliated by DGT (Directorate General of Training), New Delhi in the year 2019. Converting CoE trades in those ITIs, 15 (fifteen) new CTS trades with intake capacity of 40 in each trade have been started. Admission in those new CTS trades may commence from August 2020 session.

After converting CoE trades, the new CTS trades those have been introduced are tabulated below:

Sl. No. Name of ITI CoE Sector Converted CTS Trades
1 Govt. Women’s ITI, Indranagar Information Technology

a) Information Technology

b) Desktop Publishing Operator (DTPO)

c) Stenographer Secretarial Assistant (English)

d) Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA)

2 Govt. ITI, Udaipur Bamboo Technology a) Bamboo Works
3 Govt. ITI, Jatanbari Fabrication

a) Welder

b) Basic Fitting & Measurement

c) Basic Sheet Metal Worker & Fastening

4 Govt. ITI, Ambassa Food Processing

a) Agro Processing

b) Food Beverages

c) Baker & Confectioner

5 Govt. ITI, Kailashahar Electronic

a) Mch. Consumer Electronic Appliances

b) Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA)

6 Govt. ITI, Dharmanagar Electrical

a) Electrician

b) Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (COPA)

In the above mentioned 15 new CTS Trades, intake capacity would be increased by 600 (six hundred) (40 candidates in each trade).

Establishment of new ITIs under Scheme "Enhancing Skill Development Infra. in NE States and Sikkim":

Under the Scheme, Government of India sanctioned up-gradation of ITI, Indranagar by addition of 3 new trades namely, Mechanic (Consumer Electronics Appliances), Computer Hardware and Network Maintenance and COPA. The total seating capacity in the 3 trades would be 120.

Besides Government of India had sanctioned setting up 3 new ITIs at Kanchanpur, Gandacherra and Santirbazar at a cost of Rs.950.00 lakhs per ITI out of which 10% will be State share. Govt of India has already released Rs. 2565 lakhs. ITI, Gandacherra and ITI, Kanchanpur were inaugurated in August, 2019 and started functioning. Civil construction work of ITI, Santirbazar is completed and procurement of tools, equipment and furniture is under process. After completion of setting up of ITI, Shantirbazar, there would be an additional seating capacity increase of200.

Upgradation of Women’s ITI into Model ITI:

Upgradation of WITI, Indranagar into Model ITI at a cost of Rs. 800 lakh at 90:10 ratio was sanctioned by GoI during 2016-17 and central share of Rs. 360 lakh (out of 720 lakh) has been released. Civil construction work is almost completed. Process has been started for procurement of tools, equipment and furniture.

Skill Strengthening for Industrial Value Enhancement (STRIVE):

Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MoSDE), Government of India has sanctioned a Skill Strengthening and Industrial Value Enhancement (STRIVE) project during 2018, which is fully funded. Accordingly MoU was signed between State & Central Government for its implementation in Tripura. In the 1st phase, three ITIs namely, ITI, Dharmanagar, ITI, Belonia and WITI, Indranagar has been selected under STRIVE.

Under this project, fund for establishment of State Apprenticeship Monitoring Unit (SAMC) and fund under Result Area-2 amounting to Rs. 32.00 lakhs and Rs. 183.00 lakhs respectively has been released to the State Government.

Presently, Launch of Scale up phase of Industry Apprenticeship Initiative (IAI) under World Bank assisted STRIVE project has been initiated and advertisement for Call for application from Industry Clusters (IC) to implement the Industry Apprenticeship Initiative (IAI) is under process.

Linking of Skill Training with the Main Stream education in Tripura:

Government of Tripura has approved the following for the ITI pass out trainees in Tripura for equivalency of Madhyamik and Higher Secondary (+2) certificate.

  1. Linking the ITI pass outs for Madhyamik equivalency: Candidates having completed two years or more courses recognized by NCVT with basic qualification of Class- VIII on their own volition have appeared and passed Vernacular language (Bengali/Hindi/ Kokborok/ Mizo) and English prescribed for Madhyamik Examination of TBSE would be considered equivalent to have passed Madhyamik Examination.
  2. Linking the ITI pass outs for Higher Secondary (+2) Equivalency: Candidates having completed two years or more duration courses in ITIs recognized by NCVT with basic qualification of Madhyamik on their own volition have appeared and passed English prescribed for Higher Secondary would be considered equivalent to have passed Higher Secondary (+2) Examination of TBSE.

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