Bamboo Park

About Bamboo park

In order to facilitate setting up of bamboo-based industries in the State, a Bamboo Park has been set up at Bodhjungnagar, at a total cost of Rs. 29 crores. The Bamboo Park shall not only create the physical infrastructure for the industries, but shall also provide state-of-the-art common facilities like bamboo raw material depot, bamboo splitting & slivering unit, bamboo treatment and processing centre, drying chambers, testing labs, logistics hub, warehouse, machine maintenance centre, etc.

Sr. No. Name Details
1. Project Cost Rs. 2900.00 lacs
2. Nodal Agency TIDC Ltd.
3. Land 135 Acres
4. Total Allotable land 40.00 Acres
5. Shed 9 No's
6. Facilities being created Black Top Road, Common Facility Centre, Sub-Station etc.
Image of Bamboo Park