Import & Export

Export : Rs. 30.34 Cr.

Import : Rs. 644.78 Cr.

Total Trade value : Rs 675.12 Cr.

  • Composition of Imports – Commodity-wise (2019-20)

(Rs. in cr.)

Sl. No. Commodity Total Value
1 Food items 239.49
2 Variety of fish – small fish, 174.95
3 Cement 73.62
4 Dry fish 36.19
5 Steel Sheet 25.80
6 Steam Coal 24.37
7 Flavour Drinks 13.26
8 Plastic Items 12.47
9 M.S Rod 8.37
10 PVC Pipes/ Tube 6.66
11 Other commodities 29.60
Total 644.78
  • Composition of Exports – commodity-wise (2019-20)

(Rs. in cr.)

Sl.No. Commodity Total Value
1 Fresh Orange 10.03
2 Pomegranate 9.71
3 Fresh Apple 6.92
4 Grapes 2.56
5 Dry fish 0.38
6 Wood apple 0.18
7 Citrus 0.17
8 Seeds of cumin 0.13
9 Fresh Ginger 0.10
10 Tamarind 0.07
11 Other commodities 0.09
Total 30.34

Land Custom Stations/Integrated Development Complex (IDC):

Presently, there are 8 notified Land Custom Stations (LCS), namely, Agartala, Srimantpur, Muhurighat, Khowaighat, Dhalaighat, Manughat, Old Raghnabazar and Sabroom. Dhalaighat LCS is operational for immigration purposes only and Sabroom LCS is yet to become operational.

The Agartala LCS has been upgraded to Integrated Check Post and being run by the Land Port Authority of India (LPAI). Besides the existing Integrated Check Post (ICP) at Agartala, another Integrated Check post (ICP) is proposed to be set up at Sabroom, as it would be the busiest land port in terms of transit and trans-shipment after completion of the Feni Bridge.

Infrastructure at LC Stations:

The Department has been taking steps for development of infrastructure at various LC Stations since 1999-2000. The position regarding existing infrastructure available in various LC Stations and the proposals for upgradation of the infrastructure, is as follows:

LC Station Status
Agartala LC Station 1st phase of ICP, Agartala at a cost of about Rs. 73.50 crores is completed. The ICP was inaugurated on 17th Nov 2013. The entire land is handed over to LPAI.

LPAI will start their 2nd phase for which 11.99 acres land is handed over to them.

Srimantpur LC Station Infrastructure of LCS Srimantapur has already been upgraded at a cost of Rs. 16 crore under erstwhile ASIDE scheme and export-import related activities are on-going. It has been handed over the infrastructure to LPAI for maintenance and management.
Muhurighat LC Station Existing infrastructure includes Customs Office & Immigration office, Telephone facility and Electronic weigh bridge. The approach road to the LCS has been improved. For upgrading the infrastructure of LCS at Muhurighat a proposal has been sanctioned in December, 2017 at a cost of Rs. 16.85 crores under "Trade Infrastructure for Export Scheme (TIES)" by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. The project has been sanctioned and 1st instalment of Rs. 6.15 crore released.
Old Raghna-bazar LC Station Existing infrastructure includes Customs Office & Immigration office, Telephone facility. The approach road from Nutan - bazaar to Old Raghna-bazaar has been improved & Construction of permanent bridge over river Juri and Bailey Bridge over RaghnaCherra have been completed. It is proposed to develop an IDC similar to Agartala LC Station. 10.20 acres of land has been identified. Further steps are being taken.
Manughat LC Station Present infrastructure includes Customs Office & Immigration office operating from a make-shift house, Telephone etc. An IDC similar to Srimantapur IDC is being developed with funding of MoC under Central ASIDE.
Khowaighat LC Station Existing infrastructure includes Customs Office & Immigration Office operating far away from the LCS. A plot of land measuring 7.56 acres has been identified at Paharmura for shifting of the Khowaighat-Balla LCS. According to preliminary estimate of Land Acquisition Collector of the District, Rs. 2.44 crore has been placed for acquisition. At present Social Impact Assessment (SIA) study is under progress. The land acquisition process is expected to start very soon after completion of the study. A proposal would be submitted under TIES to Ministry of Commerce, Government of India for upgradation after acquisition of land.
Dhalaighat LC Station Motorable Road upto LCS, Immigration Office, Custom Office (non-functional) is there. Steps are being taken for operationalisationof the LCS. Land Acquisition process is going on.
Sabroom LC Station Existing infrastructure includes Custom (P) Office in rented house, Immigration Office. The GOI has re-notified the LCS. NHIDCL has been engaged for construction of bridge. S.D.M, Sabroom has already identified 16.10 acres of land for setting-up of the Sabroom LCS. A proposal has been sent to LPAI for setting – up of an ICP.