Natural Gas

Natural Gas is the most valuable natural resource of Tripura. The prognosticated gas reserves of Tripura are about 400 BCM. Based on exploration so far, the total In Place Reserves (GIIP or Gas initially in Place) of gas are 77.05 BCM. The yield potential created so far is 4.0 MMSCMD, which is certain to go up further as a result of continuing exploration/ development activities of the Exploration & Production (E & P) agencies like ONGC, GAIL-Jubilant, Oil India and Vedanta.

Since 1962 ONGC’s Continuous efforts of exploration unearthed the hydrocarbon potential of Tripura and ONGC stuck gas in the first exploratory well BM#1 drilled in Baramura geological structure of Tripura during 1972-74. This was followed by discovery of commercial gas in other structures/fields within  Tripura state. 

Over the years, eleven gas fields were discovered by ONGC viz. Baramura (in the year 1975), Gojalia (in 1982), Manikyanagar (Rokhia, in 1983), Konaban (in 1986), Agartala Dome (in 1987), Tichna (in 2000), Sonamura, Sundalbari (in 2007), Kunjaban (in 2007), Tulamura (in 2008) and Khubal (in 2009). ONGC has established around 41 billion cubic metre (BCM) recoverable gas reserves in Tripura. 

Out of the 11 gas fields discovered, 10 gas fields falls under PML (Petroleum Mining Lease) Nomination block category and 01 Khubal gas field falls under NELP awarded block category. Among the ten fields in PML Category, seven fields are put under production with cumulative gas production of 16.24 BCM.

Petroleum Exploration Licenses (PEL) have been issued for 5 Blocks, out of which 2 Blocks to ONGC, one Block to the Consortium of GAIL and M/s Jubilant Oil & Gas Pvt. Ltd., one Block to Vedanta Ltd and one Block to Oil India Ltd. The exploration work by both ONGC and the GAIL Consortium is going on.

Total 20 Petroleum Mining Lease (PML) Blocks are available in Tripura. 18 PML Blocks are with ONGC, 1 Blocks is with OIL and 1 Block is with the Consortium of GAIL and M/s Jubilant Oil & Gas Pvt. Ltd..

The gas is available in non-associate form. Hence, it does not need to be flared. Further, the high methane content of the gas makes it an ideal feedstock for urea fertilizer production. Other projects which can be set up using gas as a feedstock are methanol, PVC etc. Natural gas can also be utilized as a cheaper source of energy for various energy-intensive industrial projects.

In Tripura, ONGC commenced commercial gas production during 1986 and over the time the gas production has increased. Presently ONGC is supplying gas to OTPC, NEEPCO &TSECLunits for power generation & to TNGC Ltd for pipeline network city gas distribution and CNG for vehicles usage. The combined installed electricity generation capacity of above gas based power plants is of 1016 MW. 

During 2005, as part of gas marketing & field monetisation, ONGC took the initiative to conceive “Gas to Wire” concept i.e. generating electricity using natural gas as raw material. Accordingly, OTPC (ONGC Tripura Power Company Pvt Ltd), the largest gas based combined cycle thermal power plant of North Eastern India, was set up in Tripura with installed power generation capacity of 726.6 MW and ONGC is having 50 per cent equity in this company. The power from OTPC is being shared among all states of NER; with Tripura getting second highest power share of 196 MW.

This biggest Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) gas based power generation project infrastructure not only enhanced the power generation but also changed socio-economic scenario of North East Region providing opportunities for setting up of more industries and increase in commerce & trade especially in state Tripura. 

The surplus electricity power availability with Tripura state has given an opportunity to export electricity to neighbouring country Bangladesh improving bilateral relations & getting support of Bangladesh through allocation of band width of internet improving net connectivity. 

Natural gas being a cleaner fuel promotes a better quality of life. Taking a cue from Gas to Gas concept ONGC advocated through TNGCL (Tripura Natural Gas Corporation Ltd) for PNG (Piped Natural Gas) & CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) use of gas as fuel for domestic / industrial use and in automotive industry. 

Tripura Natural Gas Company Ltd :

Tripura Natural Gas Company Limited is a Joint Venture Company of GAIL, TIDC and AGCL, engaged in supply of Piped Natural Gas (PNG) to domestic, commercial and industrial consumers and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for Vehicles.

The PNGRB has allotted 3 authorized area (Geographical Area)  to TNGCL for CGD network. These are namely Agartala GA, West Tripura GA and Gomati GA.

As on 31.03.2020, total 12000 nos. (Car – 6799; Auto Rickshaw – 3,751; Bus – 70) were running on CNG and there were total 37000 domestic, 415 commercial and 49 industrial consumers. The company supplies gas to industrial consumers in Bodhjungnagar Industrial Complex. The Company is currently operating 16 CNG stations with 4 Mother stations and 12 Daughter Booster Stations throughout the State. Similarly, the domestic gas supply network is also gradually being expanded.

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