Mission & Vision

Vision :We aspire to convert Tripura into the preferred destination for industrial and trade activities, thereby affording to State and its people –

  • Economic development and improved living standards
  • Better employment & self-employment opportunities
  • Optimal utilization of natural and physical resources

Mission : We act as the integrator and catalyst for opportunities in the industries and trade sector ; across micro, small-scale, medium and large scale units ; and for internal and international trade and commerce.

Values : As an organization that has the livelihood interests of people as the focus for each one of our activities, PRIDE is the enduring value-set guiding the way in which we interact with our co-stakeholders and link our collective efforts –

  • Professionalism – it is the key to success in achieving our mission, reflecting an ongoing commitment to the highest standards of achievement. Professionalism requires that we act with dedication and skill in all our tasks.
  • Respect – it is the basis for our dealings with colleagues and clients, being sensitive and responsive to their needs and their rights as individuals. Respect requires that we act with courtesy and consideration at all times.
  • Integrity –it is the cornerstone of our administration, ensuring that we treat people and apply the law fairly. Integrity needs to be total and requires that we act with honesty, openness and in public interest, in letter and more so in spirit.
  • Doing-it-together – it is the foundation for meeting the challenges of the future and building partnerships aimed at realizing common goals. Doing-it-together requires that we act with collaboration and cooperation with colleagues and partners.
  • Enablement – it is the approach for adapting our team members and stakeholders to the needed changes. Enablement requires that we act flexibly, taking advantage of training, new technology and new business models to manage the emerging demands.