Foreign Trade

Foreign Trade -

    • The foreign trade of Tripura is mainly with Bangladesh.
    • The official trade between Tripura and Bangladesh started in 1995-96.
    • Eight notified Land Custom Stations (LCS): Agartala, Srimantpur, Muhurighat, Khowaighat, Dhalaighat, Manughat, Old Raghnabazar and  Anandapar,(Sabroom).
    • Upgradation of Agartala LCS as Integrated Check Post; second in the Country.
    • Upgradation of LCS at Srimantapur completed; projects under implementation for upgradation of LCS at Muhurighat and Manughat.
    • Land acquisition is going on for setting up Integrated Development Complex at Old Raghna Bazar, Khowaighat, Dhalaighat Land Customs Station.
    • The total volume of trade has increased manifold from a meagre Rs. 4.12 crores during 1995-96 to about Rs. 537.08 crores during 2018-19.
    • In addition, during 2016-17, 663 million units of power of value 366 crores exported to Bangladesh.
    • Major commodities of import: Cement, Variety of fish, Dry fish, Broken/crushed stones, Food items/Soft drinks, Plastic goods, Other commodities.
    • Major commodities of export: Fruits, Electronics, Spices, Other Commodities.

    Border Haats:

    • Two Border Haats operational at Srinagar-Chhagalnaiya and Kamalasagar-Tarapur. Two border haats at Kamalpur-Kurmaghat and Raghna –PaschimBatuli in pipeline.
    • Two Border Haat at  Belchera, Khowai and Radhanagar, South Tripura are in  finalization state of locations.
    • Commodities of trade at Border Haats:
      • Indian sideLocal handicrafts item, fruits like Banana, Jackfruit, etc. Cosmetics, Steel utensils, Saree, cloth material etc
      • Bangladesh sideDry fish, Bakery items, Saree, Plastic goods, Fruits like Green apple, Water melon, Local vegetables etc.

    New Initiatives:

    • Operational Modalities of Ashuganj Port for Multi-modal Connectivity and  Modalities for  use of Chittagong Port for Indian Cargo, specially for North East.
    • Construction of Bridge over Feni River to connect Chittagong port.
    • Proposal for Integrated Check Post at Sabroom and Nischintapur.
    • Akhaura- Agartala Rail link Project to boost trade with new Integrated Check Post proposed at Nischintipur.
    • Proposed Border Haats: (i) Bamutia, West Tripura District, (ii) Hirachhara, Kailashahar, Unakoti, (iii) Ekinpur, Belonia, South Tripura, (iv) Amlighat, Belonia, South Tripura, (v) Raisyabari, Dhalai, (vi) Hrishyamuk, South Tripura (vii) Boxanagar, Sipahijala,