1.1       Swavalamban is a Self-employment Generation Programme (SEGP) initiated by the State Government with the objective to ensure that a sizeable number of unemployed youth and SHGs are developed as potential individual or group entrepreneurs so that they can take up gainful self-employment. The Programme was initially launched in July 2001, but has since been expanded in its scope in 2005-06.

1.2      A Swavalamban Society has been constituted for effective implementation of the Programme. The SHGs component of the Programme is being implemented through RD Department and the Self-employment Programme (SEP) component is being implemented by Industries & Commerce Department through the DICs. The main components of the Programme are Skill Up gradation and Financial Support (where necessary).

1.3       For financial assistance under Swavalamban, there is no upper ceiling on Project Cost. The borrower’s contribution should be minimum 5%. The subsidy admissible is 30% of the Project Cost (for women 35%) , Subject to ceiling of Rs.1,00,000 per case for all cases.

  1. Performance so far:

The performance so far has been as follows:

 (Rs in lakhs)

Year Target Sponsored Sanctioned Disbursed
No. Amount No. Amount No. Amount
2013-14 2500 4681 10708.15 2332 4867.09 2038 3927.58
2014-15 3000 5232 14156.95 2508 5685.64 2223 4489.40
2015-16 3500 5729 15856.65 2963 6970.83 2594 5502.90
2016-17 4000 6248 18632.34 2546 6455.30 548 1266.93

Constant efforts are being made to closely monitor the implementation of the Programme, so that the desired objectives are achieved.

Swabalamban Scheme leaflet (Bengali).