Rubber :

  • Suitable agro-climatic conditions.
  • Total area under plantation at present – 85,038 hectare.
  • Total potential for plantation in the State - 1,00,000 hectare.
  • Rubber Production 74,139 TPA; likely to go up
  • Rubber Park has been set up.

Rubber-based industrial units for products like rubber thread, tread rubber, rubber compound, rubber band etc. have already come up in the State. Presently, about 12,000 TPA of Rubber is being utilised within the State which is about 24% of total rubber production.


In order to further accelerate the process of setting up of rubber-based industries in the State, a Rubber Park with a project cost of Rs.23.00 crores has been established at Bodhjungnagar over an area of about 60 acres of land with technical support from Rubber Board. All common facilities including Centralised Quality Control Laboratory, Training Centre, Tool Room, Centralised Latex & Carbon Black Master batch Unit, Warehouse for Raw Material Storage, Common Effluent Treatment Plant etc have been created for rubber-based industries.

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