Setting out Policy Objectives

Tripura Tea Development Corporation Limited


TTDC Ltd. would promote and protect tea industries in the state and create employment potentialities by creation of nurseries, maintaining gardens and commanding the tea business in the state.

The corporation would increase the land utilization ratio from existing 21% to 44% by 2011, and production per unit area would be increased at least to the national average; modernize and enhance the capacity of tea processing plants and purchase green leaves from small growers, co-operative tea gardens in addition to their own leaves for the enhanced capacity of the processing plants.

To increase productivity, irrigation facilities in the gardens would be improved, provide tractors and vehicles for transportation of green leaves.

The corporation would also diversify its activity by rubber plantation, spice or any other activity in the unutilized lands.

The corporation would economize & diversify its activities and maintain the corporation as a profit making organization The amount of share capital support would be reduced by 10% every year over a period of next five years.