Setting out Policy Objectives

Tripura Industrial Development Corporation Ltd (TIDCL)


TIDC Ltd. would act as a catalyst in the process of promotion and development of industries, functioning as a financial corporation and create industrial infrastructure in order to support economic development of the state thereby creating income generation. TIDC should develop capacity as the Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation also.

The corporation would diversify its lending activities and maintain the corporation as a profit making organization. Share capital would be released to the corporation for implementation of specific projects.

In next five years, the Corporation would also create industrial infrastructure in all the districts and eliminate regional imbalances, renovate Dukli Industrial Area, take necessary steps for development of Industrial infrastructure at Tolakona, Moloynagar and make these attractive destination for investors. For this purpose the Engineering Cell of TIDC would be further strengthened for project management and technical supervision.

The corporation would also create a corpus fund for infrastructure development with the revenue collected from the Growth center and other industrial estates/areas.