Strategic Policy outline for Industries & Commerce

Strategic Approach


Our march in STEP with industrial and trade environment and emerging opportunities and trends has to be based on our strengths, complemented with –

Synergic Partnerships – We believe in public-private partnerships in action. Our association in industry and trade sector extends across public sector agencies, private and professional organizations ; active in consultancy, planning, implementation, marketing promotion ; having infrastructure, regulatory or specific-sector oriented expertise. We also facilitate business-business / key stakeholder interactions through visits, seminars, roadshows, fairs etc.

Time Sensitivity – We look at policy framing and project development with long-term perspective over and above the short-term gains. Our outlook is futuristic and consciously aligned to emerging market trends and business needs. Development of required infrastructure ahead of time is a core component of our activity planning.

Economic Soundness – The private investors and business interests have to be the prime movers to capitalize on investment projects or trade opportunities. The techno-economic viability and market competitiveness of projects has to be established and uncompromised. Financial incentives are designed to offset the locational handicaps and ensure level field for investors in the state.

Policy Analysis – We focus on our opportunities & strength in industry and trade sectors. Our aim is to play a facilitatory role that can be both proactive or responsive. This is reflected through our efforts at infrastructure development, maintaining openness to dedicated supportive policies and pursuance for related assistance.