Setting out Policy Objectives


  • Suitable agro-climatic conditions.
  • Total area under plantation at present - 37,558 ha.
  • Total potential for plantation in the state - 1,00,000 ha.
  • Rubber Production -23,088 TPA, likely to go up.
  • Rubber Park being set up.

Tripura is the second largest rubber producer in the country, after Kerala. More and more plantations are reaching yielding stage and the productivity levels are also encouraging. Keeping in view the area under plantation,growth potential and rubber production trends,  the state  has  been identified  as the -second rubber capital of the country. There is a vast potential for setting up of rubber-based industries in the State.

The State Government is setting up Rubber Park with technical support of the Rubber Board, Government of India. All common facilities including Centralised Quality Control Lab, Training Center, Tool Room, Centralised Latex & Carbon Black Masterbatch Unit, Warehouse for Raw Material Storage, Centralised procurement of subsidiary raw material would be created in the park for rubber based industries.

Tripura thus is an attractive destination for setting rubber-based industries. Keeping in view the myriad advantages and the positive factors, a large number of rubber-based industries have been set-up. These include rubber thread, tread rubber manufacturing, rubber band making, tyre retreading etc.

There is a vast scope of investment in sectors like auto parts, footwear, tread rubber, vulcanized rubber, rubber band, rubber cushion and mattress, latex thread, textile fabric, hoses etc.