To drive industrial growth by attracting private investments, an industrial policy statement sets out clear and credible specific measures to improve the investment climate towards better regulation by removing barriers to competition.

The investment climate is central to growth and improves outcomes for society as a whole. It reflects the many location specific factors that shape the opportunities and incentives for firms to invest productively, create jobs, and expand.

Against this back drop, Government have introduced Industrial Policy to drive industrial growth by clearly spelling out various components of incentives being offered, supply of quality power, improved infrastructure facilities etc. To remove the existing barriers; and for creation of congenial and hassle-free investment climate and also to boost investor confidence, a series of proactive measures are being proposed.

The aim of this policy is to provide a comprehensive, investor friendly environment for ensuring rapid and sustainable industrial development in Tripura and, through this, to generate additional employment opportunities and to bring about a significant increase in the State Domestic Product and eventual widening of the resources base of the State. This will be termed as the Industrial Investment Promotion Policy, 2007, and shall remain in force for a period of five years up to 31st March 2012.