Setting out Policy Objectives

Mineral Resource


Tripura has vast reserve of natural gas. The gas is available in non-associate form, with high methane content of up to 97%. The present yield potential - about 4.0 MMSCMD and likely to go up and present Utilization: 1.2 MMSCMD. Concessional Gas Pricing and vast reserve creates potential for setting up industries in this sector.

Geological Mapping and exploration undertaken by Geological Survey and Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. has proved economic mineral deposit of Natural Gas (including condensate).

State Government would encourage private sector investment in gas based industries.

Petroleum Exploration Licenses have so far been issued in 4 (four) Blocks to ONGCL out of which one is under New Exploration License Policy (NELP) – III. Besides, Consodium of GAIL and M/s Jubilant Oil & Gas Pvt. Ltd. have also been issued one Block under NELP – IV.

Petroleum Mining Lease (PML) have so far been issued to ONGCL in 10(ten) areas covering 75.76 in Baramura, Rokhia and Agartala Dome Gas fields. Another 7 (seven) areas covering 889.04 sq. km for a period for another 20 years from 01.02.2006 to ONGCL is also under consideration of the State Government. As per intensive exploration being undertaken by the 2 (two) Licensees, a vast reserve of Natural Gas yielding better availability of Natural Gas is expected.

Natural Gas which is presently used mainly for generation of power and to some extent in Domestic, Industrial, Commercial and Transport sector. Emphasis will be given for setting up of industries where gas will be utilized as feedstock like ammonia, urea, methanol and methanol based petrochemical industries.

Agencies of MoPNG, Government of India would be responsible for exploration and production of natural gas; the Directorate of Industries and Commerce, Government of Tripura would work in close association to facilitate setting-up gas based industries. The High Power Committee Constituted would continue to oversee/monitor progress and decide on issues related to the sector.

ONGC would be persuaded for intensified exploration of natural gas, so that the future demand of natural gas for setting up major gas based industries could be fulfilled.

Exploration of Natural Gas by involving other Agencies like GAIL etc. Action Plan on exploration of natural gas by 2015 and utilization of the same for better economic development would be chalked out in association with ONGCL and GAIL.

In Tripura, the other mineral resources are minor amounts of glass sands, limestone, plastic clay and hard rock; all of these material are being used to a variable degree. Setting up of Ceramic tiles unit and other mineral based industries would be encouraged in the private sector. Efforts will also be made to set up Plastic Clay ad Glass Sand industries where natural gas has added advantage of being used as a fuel.