Strategic Policy outline for Industries & Commerce

Key Policy Objectives


In moving towards our shared vision of Tripura as the IDEAL industrial and trade investment destination, we would consistently and continuously strive and aim for –

Improving Infrastructure – to facilitate investment ; targeted at existing industrial and trade locations on immediate basis, for emerging locations in the short-term and planning for potential locations in the long-term ; and involve integration of basic and supportive infrastructure together with industrial and trade-specific ;

Defining Drivers – to ensure sustainable economic growth based on available opportunities ; encompassing local natural resources with viability and ensuring maximum value addition to these ; and include capitalizing on the promising location for boosting trade through the State ;

Enabling Entrepreneurship – to promote setting up of industrial and business ventures ; through incentives and supportive financial measures to offset limitations for investors ; and by building capacities through entrepreneurial and technical skills training and promotion of self-employment ;

Aligning Administration – to afford investor convenience; resulting from appropriate restructuring within the Industries and Commerce department in line with change demands ; and directed decision mechanisms across other departments and agencies ;

Leading Linkages – to broadbase support systems; primarily through Public Sector Undertakings and Societies under Industries & Commerce department ; and also through designated agencies of other sectoral nodal departments.