Excellent variety of handicrafts using bamboo and cane are made by different ethnic groups which have earned great name and fame throughout the country. The most famous handicraft products are Room Divider, Decorated wall panels, Attractive furniture of cane , Different decorative pieces using Bamboo roots, Bamboo Dining table mats, Floor mats and various other gift items. Tourist can watch the craft persons at work in different villages and buy handicraft and handloom products from Purbasha, a Govt.of Tripura undertaking Sales Emporium and other private Sales Emporium throughout the state.

Cane & Bamboo Handicrafts:

From time immemorial Tripura has carved out a name for itself in the field of Handicrafts. The Gifted artisans produce wonderful objects of crafts from simple material like cane, bamboo & wood. There rare artistic skill has not been streamlined in the manufacture of exquisite household pieces. Tripura's unique topography and the gracious nature bestowed their choicest blessings on the hereditary artisans of Tripura. Here three distinct cultures viz. Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam have converged together to give shape and content to a unique tradition that found eloquent expression through immemorable work of art & crafts made out of very simple materials like cane, bamboo, clay, wood, palm leaf etc. With the passage of time, there has been changes in the demographic character of the state. But in each phase of her history, Tripura has shown remarkable inner strength of assimilation of synthesis, while retaining her own traditional heritage. With the original distinct tribal motifs were added the skills of Manipuri and Bengali artisans who came subsequently to settle in this land. Time has changed and so also the quick adaptability of our gifted artisans who never failed to respond to the demands of contemporary tastes.

Cane & Bamboo occupy a distinctive place in the life of Tripura. From cradle to grave, there is hardly any occasion, complete without the use of cane & bamboo.

Today the magnificent skill of artisans has been directed to produce of a wide range of more than 200 exquisite products. Presently, about 10,000 skilled artisans are engaged in production of various handicrafts in the state. However, the industry remains largely unorganised. There is a need to organise the industry in order to build up a proper production base