Looking ahead Tripura offers numerous advantages to investors, but it has to overcome critical challenges before it can attract substantial investment. It is hoped that the industrial policy, along with the other measures to be simultaneously implemented by the various departments of the State Government, would create positive perceptions about the State.

Focus will be given for developing the vision and strategies to make the State one of the most attractive investment destinations in India. The Government shall, while implementing this policy, identify the core sectors that will act as growth engines, build the human capital, formulate a detailed implementation plan and articulate the communication strategy to convey this vision to potential investors.

For the successful implementation of the policy, a meeting of minds of all and the public at large is an essential pre-requisite. Therefore, the Government intends to interact frequently with all concerned so that there is a broad consensus as far as possible. The Government looks forward to the wholehearted co-operation of all stakeholders.